Tesla expected to announce agreement to build factory in India


NEW DELHI, India: Tesla officers have informed the Indian government that it would like to set up a manufacturing unit in India to build electric-powered automobiles for the domestic and export markets.

In preceding talks held last yr, India refused to agree to Tesla’s request to lower the import tax on its cars, which may reach as much as one hundred percent and was defined using Tesla CEO Elon Musk as some of the highest in the global and demanded that Tesla construct motors regionally.

During their modern talks, Tesla did now not discuss lower import taxes with Indian officials, however, proposed putting in place a new manufacturing facility, without specifying a location or stage of funding.

As worldwide agencies are trying to reduce their delivery chain dependence on China, manufacturing vehicles in India is in keeping with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to attract corporations by marketing “Make in India”.

According to Reuters, Tesla executives are in India this week to discuss parts sourcing and other issues with the government.

Tesla has hired a nearby group and started a look for showroom space, but those efforts have been stopped last 12 months.

The assembly comes weeks earlier than Modi’s go to to the United States in June.

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