New Research Sheds Light on AI Disruption of Video and Photo Content Creation


Much of the hype around generative AI focuses on written content, however, tech’s potential to create and manage visuals is also commanding attention – and also swiftly changing industries.

Video and image editing has traditionally been a time-eating challenge, and frequently a specialist needed to be recruited to create excessive great principles and belongings. AI-driven tools were dashing up the technique and helping creativity, but this impact has been hard to quantify.

There are some interesting insights into the disruptive nature of AI provided in a new film entitled The Creator Economy: Navigating Brands, Technology, and Innovation. The file changed into compiled by Lightricks, a main company of advanced video and photo tools, in collaboration with YouGov.

In recent months, the group surveyed a thousand people in the United States who are both already professional content material creators or aspiring content creators. “Content writer” has, of the route, been a tough period to outline, so the functions of this survey, encompass anybody who edits and stocks pics or videos online, as a manner to generate income.

The statistics might also surprise you with how long way along using generative AI is among content material creators.

Most creators already use generative AI

Generative AI is no longer the future for creators however the gift. About ninety two% of creators are already strongly acquainted with AI, and sixty two% are already the usage of it.

This manner that whilst you scroll via your Instagram or TikTok feeds, you’re tremendously likely to look at some content material that has been AI-assisted if now not completely AI-generated. Different creators use brand new abilities for different features, however, here are a number of the most popular use instances for AI photograph generation:

  • fifty three% for growing backgrounds utilized in image content
  • 47% for developing backgrounds utilized in video content
  • forty six% for creating “AI avatar” profile photos
  • forty two% for creating apparel and looks

These obligations would possibly have taken a writer several hours manually, or they could have determined the time funding became too excessive and as a substitute reduced the quality of their content material instead. The fact that AI-generated content material is so substantial method that social media users have to note extra professionalism from up-and-coming content creators specifically.

AI can indeed create artwork

While many creators are using AI already, even more, are open to the idea, with several motivations rating particularly. Interestingly, humans are questioning no longer simply in terms of efficiency and price range savings but also in phrases of producing higher best content material.

The most famous motivation to use generative AI, consistent with the survey, are virtual creators feeling confident that AI might positively impact their innovative process. Approximately 86% of respondents agreed with this statement, while eighty four% are motivated by the capacity of AI to store their cash or time.

Creators can use textual content-to-picture generation to kind what picture they want to be created, as an example, giving them a baseline which they could then edit to wherever their innovative system takes them.

Perhaps fairly, sixty four% of creators consider that AI-generated visuals can be considered artwork. This sentiment is essential about continued adoption, because, for the ones driven through creativity, AI can’t be seen as being at odds with the spirit of what they’re trying to do.

Given that 56% of creators reputedly create content material for their very own corporations or different manufacturers, the time and cost savings grow to be especially critical from a commercial enterprise scalability attitude. It improves their earnings margins and the cost they could produce according to the hour.

Deepfakes worry creators

Of path, there are also not unusual concerns amongst creators about generative AI and destiny.

The finest worry is set potential deep fakes, with 74% of creators sharing this challenge. Essentially, deep fakes are when humans use AI to realistically impersonate others and attempt to bypass their creation because of the actual man or woman. Recently, an AI-generated image of Pope Francis wearing a Balenciaga jacket went viral, as people believed the picture turned into reality and have been startled.

As the second one maximum famous concern, 58% are worried approximately copyright infringement. This is a selected challenge for artists, as their pix may be used by large fashions to generate “precise” yet by-product AI photos, while they may be no longer compensated.

The very last fundamental challenge becomes surrounding a decrease in authenticity, with fifty seven% saying that they aren’t certain AI-generated pics are their very own creations. With AI, it becomes more difficult to split truth from fiction. However, 71% of creators discovered their fans reacted definitely to AI-generated content material with only 10% reacting negatively.

It’s critical for Lightricks and different fundamental organizations in the visible content space to apprehend their responsibility in those regions, and research inclusive of this document can help make certain that they’re nicely informed.


Generative AI has taken the content material advent world using hurricane according to  The Creator Economy: Navigating Brands, Technology and Innovation record. A majority of creators are already using brand new technology or even more are open to the use of them in their destiny.A bold new film entitled The Creator Economy: Navigating Brands, Technology and Innovation provides a few interesting insights into just how disruptive AI has been

Upon the discharge of the brand new document, Lightricks CEO Zeev Farbman said that “The emergence of AI, extra sophisticated tools, and increased creative monetary opportunities alerts a new era of unlimited opportunities. With revolutionary technology and the boundless imagination of creators, the destiny is bright and full of ability for folks who are willing to embody it.”

Some issues remain approximately using era, but to this point, the response from brands, creators, and media audiences has been overwhelmingly effective. This is an unexpectedly evolving area, and it will likely be charming to see the shifts continuing over the coming years.

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