10 Things Every High School Junior Should Do To Prepare For College


Your junior year is crucial to your university’s software procedures. While you should continue to be targeted for excessive college, being proactive keeps you from dashing via your applications. It is easy to get stuck in the exhilaration and journey of high school, so make sure to add those steps to your planner.

  1. Assemble Your Family’s Finances

Figure out how much cash you and your family will contribute to college. While scholarships help you pay for university, you may, in all likelihood, be eligible for undergraduate scholar loans. Take the time to analyse how specific alternatives have an effect on your loan phrases:

  • Variable costs as opposed to fixed rates
  • Deferred charge versus flat payment
  • Principal and interest payment versus hobby-most effective fee

2.Meet with your counsellor.

Your college counsellor has quite a few records. They help you choose classes that have a fine influence on your university utility. While it can be tempting to take smooth classes and boost your grade point average, faculties assume you will keep excessive educational requirements in the course of excessive college.

3.Take the necessary tests.

Understand every university’s software necessities, which include the desired standardised assessments. Many colleges do not require a standardised test score to apply. If you’re a terrific test-taker, it’s far more beneficial to take the ACT or the SAT. The testing enterprise can send your rating to the colleges to which you are applying.

4.Generate a Resume

If you haven’t already, write down your excessive faculty and existence achievements and awards. Colleges need to recognise your grades and what you’ve completed in high school. They also want a summary of extracurricular sports. Writing these items down now enables you to maintain track so that you don’t need to rely on reminiscence while completing packages. You can also use this information when developing a theme for your essay.

5.Identify References

Ask several human beings to offer a reference. If you’ve got more human beings than you need, you may be selective in whom you ask to jot down a referral. These letters help colleges decide how you will fit in at the college. Letters of reference can be furnished with the aid of:

  • Teachers
  • Managers
  • Co-employees
  • Volunteer coordinators
  • Coaches
  • Non-classroom instructors (i.e., piano instructors)

6.Look for internships.

Only about 25% of college graduates paint in their diploma field. Internships can give you first-hand insight into your fundamentals. You will analyse whether the day-to-day operations of that process interest you. Some students turn away from internships because they are not profitable for the university. If a major doesn’t interest you, converting your direction plan overdue in college can increase your training.

7.Find Yourself

Most faculties ask for a non-public announcement. This declaration displays your particular style. The key to an awesome private announcement is to exhibit your personality, sense of humour, and fashion. Find ways to show off the way you are proud of other candidates.

8.Visit Colleges

You have possibly obtained numerous invitations to visit faculties. These are first-rate possibilities to take a campus excursion and meet enrolled students. You get to enjoy campus dining alternatives and look at dorm rooms. Tour numerous colleges, even those that aren’t excessive on your list. You might also find a gem in the sort of schools you hadn’t considered.

9.Apply for scholarships.

In addition to federal student aid and a student mortgage, look for scholarships to offset tuition prices. Most faculties strategically follow funding in your monetary aid bundle.

10.Involve your parents.

Talk with your dad and mom or guardians to decide if they have any university pointers. Many schools provide legacy scholarships for the kids of graduates. Parents may also decide that you should take advantage of specific campus housing options. Ask their opinion on how far away you need to tour. Your dad and mom can also help you decide if you must take a look overseas.

With these steps in place, you’re on target for an amusing and memorable junior year of high school. These steps set you up for an amazing university experience.


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